Camco Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch w/Progressive Sway Control [48704]

Camco Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch w/Progressive Sway Control [48704]

Camco Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch w\/Progressive Sway Control [48704]


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Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch with Progressive Sway Control

Eaz-Lift’s Trekker is the perfect combination of premium weight distribution and sway control in an easy to install hitch. Trekker utilizes Adaptive Sway Technology which goes above and beyond that of the competitors’ weight distribution hitches. When towing and challenged with wind gusts and passing trucks, the Trekker reacts and increases resistance as needed! During sharp turns and maneuvering, when sway control is unnecessary, the Trekker disengages sway control completely for improved handling. When towing in dangerous conditions, such as slippery or icy roads, sway control is unwanted. Trekker’s easy on/off sway control makes it a breeze to manually disengage. This feature also comes in handy when hooking-up and unhooking.

Weight Distributing System with Adaptive Sway Technology

If your trailer weighs in at 50% or more of your vehicle’s weight, then you should consider a weight distribution system. The Eaz-Lift Trekker features adaptive sway control. With other sway control hitches, turning can be an even bigger hassle than it usually is with a trailer because the sway control 'locks' the trailer straight. With the Eaz-Lift Trekker, the hitch will control your sway for normal driving, but when you turn, the sway control will automatically disengage, making the maneuver smoother and easier on the driver.

How it Works

When a vehicle is towing a heavy load, the downward weight exerted by the trailer, called the tongue weight, tends to pull the back of the vehicle down, in turn causing the front of the vehicle to lift. This can be damaging to the vehicle, and dangerous to drive. The Eaz-Lift Trekker weight distribution hitch distributes the tongue weight more evenly across the tow vehicle axles, leveling the vehicle and making the trailer safer to tow.

The adaptive sway control is specifically designed for ease of driving. For most normal driving, the hitch keeps your trailer in line with your vehicle. With some sway control hitches, a sway-resistance set up that is too tight or rigid will attempt to keep the trailer and vehicle in line. In such a rigid set up, the trailer could pull the vehicle in line with the trailer instead of vice versa. Essentially, the tail wags the dog. Adaptive sway technology gives some slight resisted natural independent movement, with resistance building only as needed until it peaks at maximum resistance. The hitch is factory pre-calibrated for optimal sway control performance and does not rely on tongue weight to apply sway resistive forces. However, when you need to turn, the sway control automatically disengages to allow the trailer to turn, then re-engages when you resume normal driving. The adaptive sway system can be engaged or disengaged. Disengaging the sway control makes hooking up, unhooking and driving in adverse conditions easier.


  • Weight distribution hitch
  • Adaptive Sway control
  • Rated for 1,200-1,400 lb tongue weight, 12,000-14,000 lb gross trailer weight
  • Turns off for dangerous road conditions
  • Reduced noise

What's In the Box?

  • (1) Ball mount
  • (1) Adjustable 2-inch square shank Hi-low
  • (1) Hitch pin
  • (1) Spring clip
  • (2) Spring bars
  • (2) Hook up straps
  • (2) Hook up hangers
  • (1) Bolt package- hook up
  • (1) Bolt package- ball mount
  • (1) Thumbscrew
  • (2) Pins with latch
  • (1) Wrench

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